Group Benefits for employees

  • Group insurance is key for employee retention.
  • Benefits include life insurance, prescription, health, dental, and out of country coverage.
  • Short and long term disability as well as critical illness insurance are also products that can enhance an employee benefit plan.
  • Health insurance is a good avenue for companies to be able to use the premium as a tax deduction.
  • There are many other programs that we provide such as health care spending accounts, cost plus, and wellness programs that can be cost effective for the employer and employee.
  • Group Benefits enables individuals who would not otherwise qualify or afford health care on their own.
  • We also manage Pension and Registered Retirement savings plans. Our Pension plans include a Greenlight Program ®.
  • If your company is interested in discussing our services, having your current plan marketed and or having a plan designed, there is no cost to your company. Please give us a call and we would be more than happy to assist you at your convienience.