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Financial Experience Points To Wealth For The Future

from the January 2010 issue of

One of the most important decisions in life should be how to manage your money. Often, personal wealth – or lack thereof – is a question of not investing systematically for the future. While markets change and life’s uncertainties remain in constant flux, one guarantee is assured: those who have made the effort to put an investment program in place will come out ahead over those who did not.

For more than a decade, MoeMailloux Financial Services Inc. has been integral in reshaping and sustaining financial well being for its diverse clientele with confidentiality, honesty and integrity. Providing stellar services including life insurance, accumulation and protection of personal wealth, income provisions for retirement and tax favoured growth opportunities, Moe Mailloux Financial Services Inc. remains a trusted advisor to the community it serves.

“We’ve reached out to laborers and professionals, the young and elderly alike,” says founder Moe Mailloux, “…because their chief goal is the same – future security. Our goal has been to exceed our clients’ expectations while staying in line with their personal tolerance toward risk.”

For 12 years, Moe Mailloux worked for the Stoney Pointe Co- Operative as an operations manager. After leaving in 1986 to join the London Life Insurance Company, Moe continued his involvement with the Co-Op as a member of its Board of Directors, where he recognized a need for insurance and retirement planning for the farming community.

Personal successes eventually led to the establishment of Moe Mailloux Financial Services Inc…today, a touchstone at 360 Notre Dame St. in Belle River and aligned with The Benefits Company of Windsor: southwestern Ontario’s largest group marketing firm. Together they provide the most comprehensive pension plans in the business through the Benefit Company’s Greenlight Retirement Program ™.

Cumulatively, through its Operations Manager, Employee Benefits Marketer and associate advisors, Moe Mailloux Financial Services Inc. has over 55 years of professional experience and personalized planning. Their “walk in” policy for new and established clientele alike means someone is always ready to serve you, answering telephone inquiries in person with no merely generic solutions for individual concerns and questions.

“The only mistake is doing nothing,” suggests Moe Mailloux. “Everyone can save for a brighter future based on the standard of living and desired plans for retirement.”

Through annual reviews, semi-annual statements and online updates, Moe Mailloux Financial Services Inc. guarantees top notch service to clients. “There is no substitute to being ahead of the game,” admits Moe. “As members of ADVOCIS we dedicate 30 to 60 hours of continuing education annually on products and changes in taxation to keep our clients the most and best informed.”

Despite these stringent economic times, this dedication has benefited the company. “We continue to educate our clients to staying the course long term.” Says Moe, “It’s a great time to buy because the opportunity for potential growth is there. Besides, our experience speaks for itself.”

To learn how to start achieving your future financial security today, contact us at 519-728-9431 or come in for a consultation. We look forward to seeing you.