Pre-Arranged Funeral

How Do You Want to be Remembered?

Everyday, we see families who are grieving and second-guessing  their decisions because they didn’t know what mom, dad, brother  or sister wanted for their final wishes. We help prepare you and your loved ones for one of life’s most difficult events.

With over 60 years preplanning experience, we are committed to  educating Canadian families on how to preplan and prepay their  funeral, monument, executor and other related final expenses.

Our dedicated, licensed advisors work with the funeral establishment of your choice to ensure your final wishes are in place and properly funded.  We also provide assistance with estate documentation and executor processes to provide your chosen executor with all the tools they need to simply and successfully execute your estate at the time of need.

Planning ahead is the best gift you can give your loved ones.

Funeral planning isn’t just for your parents.

It’s smart to prepare for the future. Why leave your most important decisions to chance?

There are many things you worry about.

You worry about your family.

You worry about finances.

You worry about everything...

  • Illness
  • Pollution
  • Peace
  • Family
  • Travelling
  • Education

Your funeral shouldn’t be one of the things you have to worry about.

A preplanned funeral can save you money and give you peace of mind knowing your loved ones won't need to make difficult decisions at a time of loss.

A Good Financial Decision...

Get the most for your dollar

You are in the prime of your life - making decisions for your future. You are at the peak of your career, and are independent. You have enough money to retire in comfort, and even travel with your partner. You probably aren't thinking about it, but now is the time to plan your funeral.

Planning ahead

The costs of funerals are rising. You may have had to take care of the last wishes of a loved one already, and know the emotional and financial toll a funeral can take. Provide now for the future, avoid the costs of inflation and have security for the rest of your life. It may even be possible to lock in the price of your funeral goods and services at today's prices - at a time when you can plan for the expense.

Imagine that you are on a cruise, or touring overseas, and you or your partner passes on. The paperwork alone can be a nightmare, and costs can double or triple to make arrangements to return home... unless you decided to enroll in our Travel Protection Plan, which takes care of all arrangements and expenses, should you die more than 100km from home or in a different country.

Solid Investment

There are several options available if you decide to join the millions of Canadians who have pre-planned their funeral. You have time to study the options and become informed on the process. You will have guidance and aid in your search. When you are ready, there will be help for you in personalizing your memorial.

You choose:

  • The length of the payment plans and the amount.
  • Where your service will be.
  • Even which casket suits your taste.

Moe Mailloux Financial Services will be there to see that all your wishes are carried out.

For Family Protection...

Taking care of your loved ones

Your family is one of the most important aspects of your life. You want to take care of them, but are unsure of what lies in the future. You can reassure them, and yourself, by using our tools to plan together. Everyone can see what is involved, and you can discuss opions and understand how each loved one feels about the issues. You will be remembered the way you want to be remembered.

Comforting families

When the time comes, your family will not be overwhelmed by the need to make arrangements - wondering what you would have wnated and how to pay for services. Your loved ones will take comfort knowing all is taken care of because you cared enough to ease this burden.

Protection freedom

While death seems far off, now is the time to prepare. If you decide in retirement to choose funeral coverage, you may pay three times as much for your services. Plan now, when you earning power is greatest. It can include our Travel Protections, which provides lifetime coverage, should you die away from home, and allows you to travel worry-free when you demand the independence most.

A Wise Choice...

We’ll be here

You've planned for your retirement for years, and it's paid off. Now is the time to plan for your funeral. It will save you money to choose today, and it will be one less worry when you've got so much else in your life. Your family will appreciate the effort.

The right company

When you deal with Moe Mailloux Financial Services, you deal with the largest preneed insurance company in Canada. We'll still be here years form now when you vacation in Paris with your great-grandchildren. Our expert knowledge in preneed planning is backed by more than 50 years of preneed insurance experience in Canada.

We put you first

Moe Mailloux Financial Services strives to improve our products to serve you better. We offer Web sites and albums, books to plan with, and agents to guide you. We want the best for you, and you deserve it.