Travel insurance Protection

Covers Unexpected Expenses & Burdens

Bringing a loved one home can be a costly and complex undertaking when death occurs out of province, out of country, or even just a few hundred kilometers away from home. Luckily, you can protect yourself and your family with the Moe Mailloux Financial Services Travel Plan. For a one-time low cost, you can ensure your family will never have to deal with the extra financial burden of repatriation expenses.

Your Travel Plan covers all the details, including:

  • Locating and engaging a local, licensed provider to handle preparations for return travel.
  • Recovery and transportation to the provider.
  • Transportation of the deceased back home to Canada.
  • Handling of all the necessary documents, including consular services if outside Canada.
  • As an added benefit, purchasing this coverage as an insured multi-pay plan will include transportation for one travelling companion to return home with the mortal remains, or if travelling alone, will include transportation for next-of-kin to bring the loved one home.

Illustrations of Actual Serviced Travel Plan Files

Location of DeathTransport DestinationAverage Repatriation Costs
ItalyCanada$8,500 - $12,000
United KingdomCanada$7,500 - $11,000
FranceCanada$7,500 - $11,000
Dominican RepublicCanada$10,000 - $12,000
CubaCanada$8,000 - $12,000
Location of Death Transport Destination Actual Total Cost of Past Claims
ChinaCanada $16,213.83
ChinaCanada $14,448.00
ChinaCanada $10,195.28
British ColumbiaOntario$4,584.70
Arizona, USAOntario$4,556.80
Brampton, ONSioux Lookout, ON$3,829.00
Florida, USAOntario$3,339.77

Note: Most funeral homes charge a transfer rate of approximately $2.50 per km for pickups beyond 40 kms. If death occurs a short distance away, the transfer costs can often be more than the cost of our Travel Plan which is $595.

Example: If death occurs 500 km away, the cost will equal 500 km – 40 km x $2.50 = $1150. That’s $555 more than the cost of the Moe Mailloux Financial Services Travel Plan.